Riverston Group

“At Riverston Group, our mission quite simply is to build the self-esteem and confidence of all our children, irrespective of their talents, abilities, background or previous educational experience.  Through the exceptional staff we employ, the facilities we offer and the environment we all create, we enable children of all ages to grow and learn together, to develop their own individual and unique talents and abilities, to succeed together and to fulfil their own special aspirations and ambitions”

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Our children are almost always educationally disadvantaged in one way or another, and require additional support with their learning to enable them to succeed. At Riverston Group, we are committed to providing this support, building individualised approaches to learning for each and every child, and doing so within a mainstream educational setting.

Our ambition is that the Riverston Group will own, manage and/or operate a number of independent schools and nurseries in the UK and internationally on a for-profit basis aligned to a strong social purpose. Each school will be a deliberately non-selective, co-educational, mainstream school for children from 5yrs-19yrs. In some schools there will also be a Nursery and Pre-School department for children from 12 months.

Contact Information:

Address: Trabia Education
  7th Floor Getco Tower,Central Business District, Sultanate of Oman
Postal Address: P.o. Box – 2760, P.C.-112, Ruwi
Tel No: (+968) 24701454, 24701454, 24703121
Fax No: (+968) 24703826
Email info@daud.om
Website: www.riverstongroup.com