Busy Bees

We started Busy Bees because we wanted to provide exciting, innovative care for our children, in an environment that presented plentiful opportunities for play, interaction and development, simply because we wanted them to have the best possible start in life.

We created a nursery environment that was safe, with resources nowhere near as sophisticated as those in our nurseries today, but learning opportunities were always plentiful. We recruited staff with passion, enthusiasm and a never ending commitment to the children. Parents were always assured that their child was happy, because their interests were nurtured, and their individuality respected.

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We continue to preserve this ideal in all of our nurseries today, by employing dedicated staff who share our vision and who are passionate about shaping a future generation.”

Contact Information:


Address: Trabia Education
  7th Floor Getco Tower,Central Business District, Sultanate of Oman
Postal Address: P.o. Box – 2760, P.C.-112, Ruwi
Tel No: (+968) 24701454, 24701454, 24703121
Fax No: (+968) 24703826
Email info@daud.om
Website: www.busybeeschildcare.co.uk